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Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park


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Park gastronomy


In the mountain range de Andujar gastronomy has been linked from its origin to the collection, hunting and livestock activities carried out in its mountains. With the asparagus and mushrooms harvested in their stony and shady, exquisite "scrambled eggs" are prepared with eggs. The aromatic plants that grow in it have also been used as a traditional condiment in many recipes, especially in the marinade of game meat. From October the pieces of deer, fallow deer and wild boar, obtained in the montería, star in numerous stews and preserves that have as an essential base the extra virgin olive oil, one of the most appreciated and healthy ingredients of the cuisine of Jienne.

The fennel rabbit, typical of Andújar, or the hare in sauce are some of the dishes made with pieces of small game, among which the pickled and vinegars of partridges, thrushes and quails. Fruit and vegetable products are the basis for making salads, gazpacho, ajoblanco or salmorejo; They serve to enrich pots like old clothes. In pastry, pestiños, porridge and fried donuts are the homemade sweets with the highest predicament in the area.


Being an eminently agricultural and livestock area has managed to combine the products of the field and garden with those of the game, and of course, being the quintessential land of the olive grove, combine them with an exquisite oil.

Another very typical meal in Andujar, and by extension in the Sierra, is canto, which is a bread bun with a hole in the middle where oil, tomato and salt are poured. It is accompanied with dried cod, ham, etc. It is only known by that name in Andujar.

Due to its link with the activities carried out in the Sierra, there is the celebration of the Day of Saints, November 1, in which it is a tradition that all citizens, with family and friends, gather in the Sierra to take the crumbs, and porridge, king products of gastronomy on that day.

In the different hotel establishments that are located in the mountains, you can taste all the typical products mentioned, which will undoubtedly delight the most demanding palates.

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