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Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene Lord of the Lords

The Sorrow

Holy Friday


Easter Week

The Pass


Our Lady of Sorrows

The Mystery that represents is the Virgen de las Angustias at the foot of the Cross with Christ Reclining deposited in her lap. Without having full security on the author of the same and being under study by qualified personnel research on its author, all reports take us to Granada school and José de Mora environment, dating from the late eighteenth century. The image of Christ is an anonymous author before the image of the Virgin.It was restored in 2012 in the famous workshop of the Cordovan image maker D. Antonio Bernal Redondo.

It carries the mantle of great value processional output, embroidered in gold with 19th century enhancement, as well as the exit crown, made in sterling silver in the Cordovan workshop of Díaz Roncero.


Chapel of San Juan de Dios.


Founded as a Cloister Brotherhood in 1737, and reorganized as a Brotherhood with penitential character in 1854.


The Nazarene brothers wear a purple tunic with a black buttonhole, moccia and cape. Over the moccia is the coat of arms of the brotherhood, and on the cape, on the left side, a white cross. They wear gloves and black shoes. The tunic is girded with yellow cingulate, knotted with five knots recalling the Five Wounds of Christ and topped with tassels. They are accompanied by a Mantilla Body.


At 6:00 p.m. in the Chapel of San Juan de Dios. Return to the Temple around 11:00 p.m.


Ollerías, San Francisco, Vieja square, Tiradores, Sor Isabel, Altozano Santo Domingo, Doce de Agosto, Santa Marina, Mezquita, Alhóndiga, Santa María square, Pintor Zabaleta, Guadalupe, Constitución square, España square, Valdivia, Maestra, Altozano Virgen María, 22 de Julio, Ollerías and comeback to the temple.

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