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Guided Tours


Duration: 2h.

Departure point: Torreón de la Fuente Sorda (Alcázar Street, next to the Parking lot de Colón).

Brief description: Discover the rich heritage of the Historic Town Centre of Andújar, declared a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC). Come and enjoy the experience of visiting its palaces, churches, lookouts and museums. In this tour it can be visited such emblematic monuments as the Church of Santa María (where El Greco's painting is located), the Clock Tower, the Casa de Comdias (nowadays the Town Hall), the palace of Los Niños de don Gome, which contains the Archaeological Museum, as well as the remains of the old Almohad wall. Discover our history, you will be surprised!

Observations: The itinerary includes a visit to the interior of the Church of Santa. María la Mayor, the Clock Tower and the House-Palace of the Children of Don Gome (with the archaeological and ceramic museum).


Duration: 2h.

Departure point: Entrance of the Roman Bridge or Plaza del Sol.

Brief description: The Extramuros route runs through the neighborhoods that once emerged outside the walled enclosure due to the growth of the city from the 13th century (Arrabal de San Miguel and Arrabal de San Bartolomé). In these neighborhoods most of the religious orders that came to our city settled, which built their convent houses outside of what was the urban nucleus at that time. Also in these neighborhoods or suburbs were located the city's artisan guilds. The names of some streets are still preserved, which honor them (Ollerías, Ballesteros, Meloneras, Jewish Quarters, Vendederas, etc.)

This route offers different starting possibilities, since the route can be started at the Roman Bridge, which although due to its age does not coincide with the creation of the suburbs, due to its location and nature, it is also located outside of what the walled enclosure.

Another possibility is to start it in the Plaza del Sol and continue along Calle Ollerías, where we can learn about the history and origin of the conventual houses located in it, as well as the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza. The tour would continue along Calle de San Francisco, Plaza Vieja, Calancha, Calle Jesús María, where we can also discover the Museum of Plastic Arts, the former Convent of Las Capuchinas, the Painting of the Virgin and the Convent of Las Minimimas. On our way to the Church of San Bartolomé, which was the only one that was built outside the walls, we will see the facade of the Casa del Ecijano. In the last section of the route we will walk through the Corredera San Bartolomé with its regionalist houses, to finish the tour in the Plaza Vieja (old Plaza de Mestanza).

Observations: The itinerary includes a visit to the interior of the Church of San Bartolomé, Museum of Plastic Arts (former convent of the Capuchinas), Conventual Church of Las Minimas, etc.


Duration: 2h.

Departure point: Torreón de la Fuente Sorda (C/Alcázar, next to Parking de Colón).

Brief description: The tour of the visit will take place through those places in our city linked to legends, stories and tales that speak of local characters, which have been transmitted from generation to generation over the centuries. Meet those characters, a mixture of fantasy and historical reality, who have lived in a real or imaginary way in each of our streets and corners.

This route will run mainly through the old town, where we can observe some of the main vestiges of our history, while we will learn about some of the most popular legends of our city that are related to them. In addition to the historical tour, we can also visit some of the most relevant monuments, such as the Palacio de los Niños de Don Gome House or the Clock Tower among others, which also witnessed some of these legends. We invite you to discover the Andujar of legend and fantasy!


Duration: 2h.

Departure point: Torreón de la Fuente Sorda (C/Alcázar, next to Parking de Colón).

Brief description: Get to know our city following the spell of its historic squares, hillocks and its most beautiful corners. Enjoy a different route, in which you will visit squares that will take us back in time, such as Santa María and Plaza de España, of great importance throughout the centuries; hillocks such as Dean Pérez de Vargas (before the Alcázar), Archbishop José Manuel Estepa (before Santa Ana), Santiago, Serrano Plato (Before San Pedro) and the Marquesa hillock, which congregate the largest part of the city's heritage, as well as charming places and corners. We will discover some of the legends of Andujar, such as Calle de la Alhóndiga or Calle Serpiente among others, where history and fantasy come together. Get to know the most emblematic corners of Andujar. We will wait for you!

Observations: The itinerary includes the interior visit to the Church of Sta. María, the Clock Tower and the Palace of the Children of Don Gome (which includes the visit to the archaeological and ceramic museum).


Duration: 2h.

Schedule: from 7pm to 9pm.

Price : € 7 per person. Minimum 5 people.

Departure point: Torreón de la Fuente Sorda (C / Alcázar, next to Parking de Colón).

Brief description: Would you like to get to know Andújar at nightfall? Are you interested in discovering its heritage under the dim light of the streetlights? We invite you to delve into its history and learn first-hand about its monumental wealth and the legends that exist in each of its corners. This route includes a tour of the old town, serving as a guide the lighting that highlights the urban monumentality at nightfall and the mysteries that house its dark streets. We will start our tour at the Torreón de la Fuente Sorda, seeing along our walk the Palaces of the Cárdenas, the House-Palace of the Servant of Mieres, the Church of Santa María, the Clock Tower, the Old House of Comedies (current Town Hall), the House-Palace of the Children of Don Gome and the vestiges of the old Almohad wall. Live heritage in a different way!

Observations: The itinerary includes the interior visit to the Clock Tower and the House-Palace of the Children of Don Gome, etc.


Duration: 1.5 h.

Place of the activity: Cercado del Ciprés.

Brief description: Discover the main species of fauna and flora in our Sierra de Andujar Natural Park, a refuge for the Iberian lynx, the imperial eagle or the mixed stands of Sierra Morena Oriental.

Andujar is one of the municipalities with the highest production of honey in Spain, a use of high quality, where rosemary, lavender and other botanical species make up the Andujarian mountains for this important product.

Visiting the Honey Interpretation Center is to know the process of making and extracting honey, as well as the care of bees, insects of great importance in pollination.

Discovering the Enclosure of the Cypress, makes us know a sample of the main habitats that we can find in our Sierra de Andujar Natural Park, a protected area with high biodiversity in Europe.

Observations: The itinerary includes a visit to the Honey Interpretation Center and an interpretive tour of the natural environment, through the Cercado del Ciprés.

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Additional Information:

  • Obligatory use of the mask.

  • Minimum safety distance of 2 m.

  • Capacity limited to max 10 people per group.

  • Reservations only by appointment of 2 days in advance. The reservation requests with less than 48 hours, the realization of the visit will be subject to the availability of the tour guide staff.

  • In the event of possible delays, a 5 minute courtesy will be waited.

  • Adapted tours upon advance request.

  • Several routes can be combined, at the request of a minimum number of 4 people.


+34 687 93 20 83 / +34 616 862 230

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