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Andujar Flamenca

Exhibition of flamenca fashion


Tailoring Crafts

The third flamenco fashion show in Andalusia

More than a catwalk, Andújar Flamenca is a flamenco fashion show. A tourist, commercial and economic claim that affects not only the municipality but throughout the province of Jaén, since it has been placed as the third most important fashion show in the flamenco fashion of Andalusia and the first one in Eastern Andalusia.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Andújar, together with the City Council of Andújar and the Sponsorship of the Diputación Provincial de Jaén, make the municipality the epicenter of flamenco fashion, a benchmark for Andalusian culture on the first weekend of March.


Andújar Flamenca is a guarantee of quality with the exhibition of spectacular and very elaborate collections that great designers use to present their novelties for next season. Collections that on numerous occasions have only been shown at SIMOF or We Love Flamenco along with Andújar Flamenca as the exclusive framework to make themselves known.


Andújar Flamenca supports the commercial sector

Fashion exhibition, commercial promotion, musical and recreational shows in a unique heritage environment are the keys to success that have led Andújar Flamenca to have a respected name in the sector, a recognized brand and an event that supposes for the municipality and the province the revitalization of sectors as important for the economy as the commercial sector, catering and services.

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