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Mountain range of Andujar

Natural Park



The mountain range of Andujar Natural Park is located northwest of the province of Jaen, in the middle of Sierra Morena, just one step away from the city of Andujar. It has an area of ​​74,774 hectares, and contains four municipalities: Andujar, Baños de la Encina, Villanueva de la Reina and Marmolejo.


It has the largest patches of mediterranean forest on the Peninsula, dominated by holm oak and cork oak shaped like pasture and at higher altitudes, where humidity is highest, the gall oak. It is also crossed by several rivers and swamps.

It houses species with a high degree of threat such as the lynx, the wolf and the imperial eagle, which have one of their last settlements in these mountains. Livestock is equally important, with extensive meadows dedicated to the breeding of fighting bulls or to the hunting exploitation of deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon and wild boar. Thus, the sport of hunting is an economic resource of the first order in the famous public and private hunting preserves of the Park.

It is an ideal setting for the practice of activities of low environmental impact, such as hiking or photographic hunting. It has many trails, viewpoints, recreational areas and tourist services.

Our Park is known, in addition to its natural values, for hosting the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza (Virgin of the Head) in Cabezo hill; The Pilgrimage, in April, brings together tens of thousands of people from all over Spain. To this is added an archaeological and ethnographic patrimony not insignificant represented among others by prehistoric sites.

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PROVINCE  Northwest of the province of Jaén.

MUNICIPALITIES  In the municipality of Andujar and, to a lesser extent: Baños de La Encina, Marmolejo and Villanueva de La Reina.

EXTENSION  73.976 Has.

POPULATION  40.974 inhabitants.


MAXIMUM HEIGHT    Between 400 and 1.290 meters of Sierra Quintana (Pico Burcio del Pino).

ECOSYSTEM  Forest (pine, oak, holm oak, quejigal and cork oak) and Mediterranean scrub (rockrose, mastic, juniper).

FAUNA  Wolf, lynx, mongoose, otter, imperial eagle, golden eagle, black vulture, eagle owl, boar, fallow deer, mouflon, fighting bull.

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Planos y accesos

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El Lince Iberico

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Historia y poblamiento

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El Paisaje

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Oficios y tradiciones

What to do in the Park

Tourist services and routes

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Que visitar

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Comer en el Parque

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Rutas y senderos

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Dormir en el Parque

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Turismo activo

Information about the Park

Recommendations and information

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