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Municipal House of Culture

Old Poster of Wheat and Civil Guard Barracks


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The House of Culture is located in the central of the Santa Maria Square, where some of the most significant monuments of Andújar are located: the parish Church of Old St. Mary, the Clock Tower and the facade of the old Town Hall of the city.

This building has gone through different fortunes through time. During the low Middle Ages it was the seat of shopkeepers and various trades, a function that would be lost after the reign of Enrique IV of Castile, when they moved to the Ancient Square or Old Square, as a result of the works that were carried out in the Temple of St. Mary, which significantly altered the commercial function of the plaza. The desire of the Council that the Santa Maria Square recover its former productive and commercial function with the regatones, shopkeepers and trades that had been established in the suburb of St. Bartholomew and in the Ancient Square, would provoke in 1485 the protest of these and the intervention of real justice.

It was the headquarters of the grain store from the Modern Age to the first years of the 20th. In 1924 it was proposed as temporary accommodation of the forces of the Garrison de la Remonta so it was thought of its reform. Project that would not materialize when deciding the corporation, municipal agreement of November 18, 1925, use the building for municipal arrest. It is in this decade, when the Civil Guard was established there, where it remained until its departure to the New Place in 1936. During the Civil War it was the seat of the republican militias. After the war, the Benemerita would occupy it again until it moved to its current location, on the old Madrid road, in the sixties. It is from then on when this building was given a cultural function after a profound remodeling.


XX century, remodeled on previous buildings from the low Middle Age.


Municipal House of Culture


Plaza de Santa María, s/n

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