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International Athletics Meeting

"Jaén, paraíso interior" (Francisco Ramón Higueras Memorial)



Broadcast on television to more than 80 countries

The Athletics Meeting Jaén Paraíso Interior-Francisco Ramón Higueras Memorial returned last year 2016 after a decade of absence. Some of the great figures of national and international athletics will once again meet a track that has already enjoyed great athletic afternoons in the past. This meeting was created in 1988 as a tribute to the young local athlete who disappeared prematurely.


For our memorial have passed great names in the history of Spanish athletics as the 1.500 meter Olympic champion Fermín Cacho, the national weight record holder Manuel Martínez or the sprinter Sandra Myers along with a host of international figures such as the Cuban Ivan Pedroso, multiple world champion and long jump Olympic champion. We have also had athletes from the world elite, with Olympic, world and European titles in their legs, and from as different backgrounds as Russia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Cuba, Great Britain, Morocco, the United States, Argentina, Portugal, etc. In the meeting we have seen several Spain and Cuba records breaking, as have been those of Fermín Cacho (1.000 m), Sandra Myers (600 m) or Ana Fidelia Quirot (1.500 m Cuba), among others.

The meeting, which is broadcast on television to more than 80 countries, last year had as main star the Olympic, world and European champion Greg Rutherford, who jumped 8,15 in length.

Andújar is back and Spanish athletics is very happy to recover a competition that once hosted great champions and seeks again to occupy a privileged position in the national and international calendar.

Meeting 2016


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