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In the Colladas street is the manor house of the XVIII century, popularly known as the House of the Ecijano, because its first inhabitant came from the aforementioned town. During the civil war it was the headquarters of the Unified Socialist Youth, having previously lived the family of Calzado Garcia.

Its facade, organized on two floors. On the main floor, a balcony running along the entire facade line, with three double-layered openings. It is topped with a curved eaves of about ninety degrees that protects the balcony from the rainwater. The ground floor is made up of the door and the windows, which are on each side, in correspondence with those of the upper floor.

The door, made of stone, has a flat vain, supported by Tuscan columns half on plinth, superimposed on Tuscan pilasters. The simplicity of the facade contrasts with the functionality of its balcony and the interesting ironwork of its windows, which constitute the only outstanding decorative element.

The Cuna House is a building that originally belonged to the Jesuit College. After their expulsion, it housed the Obra Pia, Juan Cacho de Santillana, founded in the seventeenth century, dedicated to raising foundlings or abandoned children. It emphasizes its cover carved in stone, dated in 1710. Restored building and that at the moment is the headquarters of the School Workshop.

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