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Start an adventure using only your phone. Look for and follow the gymkhana tracks that will take you to visit places with history and to notice curious details that often go unnoticed.


Duration: 1 hour.

Departure point: Torreón de la Fuente Sorda. Start at C / Alcázar (next to the Colón car park).

Brief description: Enjoy your adventure through the historic center of the city of Andújar, declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Get to know its monuments, churches, palace-houses and do not forget to immerse yourself in its wonderful stories and legends. Live the authentic! Andújar is the territory of Lynxes and Legends.

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Recursos postal monumental.jpg


Duration: 1 h.

Departure point: Palacio Niños de Don Gome (Calle Maestra s/n).

Brief description: Welcome to the Archaeological Museum, a passionate and unforgettable journey back in time, discover our past.
We invite you to take a walk through the history of our civilization, through the uses and customs of our ancestors; You will discover with amazement that many of these uses and customs survive in our current society, and that others served as the basis for being where we are and being who we are ...

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