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Supply Square


The Supply Plaza is an emblematic center of the traditional commerce of Andújar, to which the architectural value of the building is added, for which the Supply plaza of Andújar stands out as one of the most unique in Andalusia.

Inaugurated in 1874, it was located on lands belonging to the old convent of St. Francisco, of which the church, now disappeared, was preserved. After the Civil War it was very damaged and reopened in 1949.


The market of supplies of Andújar is characterized by its great circular plant. It consists of 5 sectors in concentric rings, among which are distributed a total of 144 shops of fruit, vegetables, bakeries, groceries, butchers, pickles and plants and flowers.




Opened in 1874

Reopened in 1949, after the Civil War


5 concentric rings with 144 seats


Main entrance: Plaza Rivas Sabater

Other entries: c/ Larga y c/ Quintería


Asociación de Comerciantes......

953 XX XX XX


Monday - Saturday:

6:30 - 15:00

Bars and cleaning until 20:00

Embedded in the historical urban plot of the town, it connects with the urban space through three doors. This circular form is justified by functional criteria such as the ease of distribution of the shops and an adequate circulation of pedestrians. However, the main element of this project lies in the careful design of the roofs: a succession of reinforced concrete overhangs of small thickness, staggered between them, is projected, so that the market becomes a covered but open space, protected from the sun and rain, which significantly improves climatic and hygienic behavior and endows it with exceptional spatial and luminous qualities.

The exquisite quality of the products, the close and direct contact with the customer and a tradition that in many cases adds up to three generations, make the Supply Plaza of Andújar a unique place to buy.

Not only is it a place to shop, since many years it has become a tradition to taste there, in situ, the products bought, since there are several bars where they cook them and prepare them and serve you the drinks to accompany them, besides their own tapas and rations.

There are many meetings and celebrations of all kinds that decide to have a good time and ensure the freshness of the food to be consumed, besides, of course, that they are the ones of your choice. Directly from the land or the sea to the table!

The market hours are from Monday to Saturday with opening at 6.30 a.m. and closing at 3 p.m. for sale to the public. It remains open for bar service, cleaning and adaptation of the shops until 8 p.m.

Recently remodeled and covered, today it is a modern, open and very popular center, connected to the center of the city by several accesses and an underground parking.

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