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Ancient Arab wall

Several remains distributed throughout the city


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The origin of the wall dates back to the time of 'Abd Allah, the last quarter of the ninth century. That wall was ruined as a result of the earthquake of Constantinople (1170) that affected the entire Maghreb and most of the Iberian Peninsula, so it was rebuilt by the Almohads. The new walled enclosure, probably larger than the original, is first described by Jimena Jurado in the seventeenth century: "it has 1060 steps of five thirds of width on the east side, 150 steps on the north 290. the western 290. in the Meridional 430. It is next to the same river on the northern bank. It has in the four corners 4 very solid achavate towers". The wall, built in hard mortar had a perimeter of 1,740 meters, had 48 towers and, most likely, six doors: Sol, Santa Clara, Alcazar, Cordoba, Arco Grande and Peso la Harina.

Of all that set of walls today has only been maintained:

  • The tower Tavira and the Tower of Fuente Sorda.

  • A 5-meter canvas that adjoins the old Madrid-Cadiz highway and the Muralla and Ronda de Muralla streets (Muralla del Alcazar).

  • Two towers and 3 canvases in the Silera alley, behind the palace of the children of Don Gome (the Don Gome tower and the Silera tower).

  • Remains of a tower in the street of Hoyo (Hoyo tower), on which there is a large mural of tiles with an old plan of the Wall.

Tower of the Deaf Source

Old tower of the Almohad wall, which in the fifteenth century was lined with the ashlar masonry that still maintains. On its southern front the popular "Deaf Source", embellished, in the words of Don José Domínguez Cubero, "with a Mannerist aedicule where there is a superb coat of arms of the city".


About XIII century


Calle del Hoyo

Don Gome y callejón Silera

Paseo de las Vistillas

Paseo de Colón/calle Alcázar

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