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Route10  Long distance path: GR-48

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

SENDERO 24 (Stage 17) Marmolejo-Santuario

Route 10 Long distance path: GR-48



Route 10 Long distance path: GR48

Trail 24 Marmolejo-Santuario

DIFFICULTY Medium-high

LENGTH 32,4 km



The Route of Great Travel GR-48 begins in Portugal and crosses all of Andalusia through the Sierra Morena (Portugal-Huelva-Sevilla-Cordoba-Jaen).

The route is clearly ascending, especially at the beginning, but this is rewarded by the beautiful panoramic views of the foothills of the sierra and the valley of the Yeguas river, a natural boundary between the provinces of Jaén and Cordoba. Do not forget that this is one of the areas with the highest ecological value, so our journey along the path should be as respectful as possible with this fragile environment.
The natural viewpoints of the Majadillas or from the Navalasno farmhouse, have to show us the first-person perspective of the landscape of this part of the Sierra Morena.
Although this first stage in Jaén lands is hard for two reasons: its length exceeds thirty miles and the difference in altitude exceeds three hundred meters, surely we can say that it is one of the most beautiful stages of the GR in all aspects and the ascent to the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza will be an unforgettable journey for the walker.

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