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Route2  Andujar-Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

SENDERO 3  El Encinarejo

Ruta 2 Andújar-Basílica Real Santuario de Ntra. Sra. de la Cabeza


Route 2

Route 2 Andujar-Sanctuary

Trail 3 El Encinarejo

Sendero Encinarejo Andújar

LENGTH 2,2 km

DURATION 30 mins


Path without difficulty as it runs along the river margin next to the forest trail.

It runs around the Jandula river. We can enjoy the contrast between riparian ecosystems and those of a typical Sierra Morena pasture.

It starts at the Iron Bridge, on the Jándula river, main entrance to the Natural Park. Follow the right bank of river through a recreational area with barbecues and tables, you can see the characteristic vegetation of the riverside forests of the Park: Ash, alders, twigs, oleanders, tarays, etc, which serve as a refuge the representative fauna of this humid zone: herons, grebe and some otter.

Following the banks of the river we arrive at the foot of the dam of the Encinarejo reservoir, a small reservoir, similar to a lake. Below the dam and through a bridge that crosses to the other shore. After the climb you reach the town of Encinarejo, built to house the employees who built the dam, where we finish the trail observing a change of vegetation, a holm oak grove.

T3  El Encinarejo  Photos of the trail

T3  El Encinarejo  Google videos


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