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Route2  Andujar-Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 5  Jabali-Encinarejo

Route 2 Andujar-Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Head


Route 2

Route 2 Andujar-Sanctuary

Trail 5 Jabali-Encinarejo

Sendero Jabalí Encinarejo Andújar

LENGTH 3,2 km



We will only find the start signal, so we must follow the indications in detail.

Begin this trail from the El Jabalí recreational area, at km 27 of the A-6177 road. The first section of this path runs over a firewall parallel to the road, cross the road and about 800 meters cross a gate. Some 400 meters further on we find another crossroads, where we leave the firewall and enter a path on our right.
We are inside a forest of stone pines that will gradually become brighter giving way to natural vegetation of the Mediterranean forest formed by holm oaks, rock roses, mastic trees. We will advance in a southeasterly direction at the foot of a hill covered by a dense mixed forest, to reach, in just under a kilometer, the trough of a stream that tributes to the Jándula River.
We will descend by him following the same direction with the punctual help of steps carved in the stone. At a scarce kilometer we will again find firebreaks that cross, following our course towards the Jándula River, which we will find about 200 meters away. On the left we will see the bridge that gives access to a village that existed there and the Encinarejo reservoir. Next to the river, the equipment of the recreational area, which communicates with the A-6177 road.

T3  Jabali-Encinarejo  Photos of the trail

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