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Route6  Reservoir of the Rumblar-Baños of Encina

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 13  Del Rumblar

Route 6 Reservoir of the Rumblar-Baños of Encina


Route 6

To access this path that is around the reservoir, near Baños de la Encina, we will take a dirt track or forest track that will take us there.
We will meet at the entrance of a lane that looks like the access to the house there, we must pass it and then turn left. From here until we reach the reservoir, we must take the direction to the left, at all junctions.
We will see fighting bulls while the landscape is transformed into scrubland with Mediterranean scrub, interspersed with farmland and large game preserves in the meadow modality.

T13  Del Rumblar  Photos of the trails

Route 6 Rumblar-Baños of Encina

Trail 13 Del Rumblar

DIFFICULTY Medium-high

LENGTH 15,9 km


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