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Route6  Reservoir of the Rumblar-Baños of Encina

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

GeoTRAIL 14  La Pizarrilla

Route 6 Reservoir of the Rumblar-Baños of Encina


Route 6

Route 6 Rumblar-Baños of Encina

GeoTrail 14 La Pizarrilla


LENGTH 6,4 km



It has two sections: a circular one that surrounds Baños de la Encina and another that brings us to the Rumblar Reservoir.

This path has two sections, a circular one by which we will skirt the urban nucleus of Baños de la Encina. And a second section, a branch that gives us the opportunity to see the Rumblar Reservoir.

The path begins at the stone landmark next to the Pueblo house (about 200 meters from the Tourist Information point of Baños de la Encina), built with part of the sandstone blocks that formed the old church of St. Mary of the Cueto. During your tour we will have the opportunity to know the formation of the mountain ranges that do not surround, due to the classes of geomorphology that gives us the interpretation of this path.
It ends on the plain of Santo Cristo, where once was the largest concentration of sandstone quarries, now hidden under the asphalt of modernity.

S14  La Pizarrilla  Fotografías del sendero

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