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Route7  Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 16  Los Escoriales

Route 7 Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha


Route 7

Route 7 Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha

Trail 16 Los Escoriales


LENGTH 9,5 km



This path is flanked by cattle ranches.

The trail begins in this old mining enclave (a slagheap - escorial - is an accumulation of slag or mining waste), which is accessed by the JV-5002 road. We start at a junction of this road next to a corral by the track or unpaved road JF-5004.
In this area, we observe cattle ranches, and we will see how the landscape changes, turning the terrain into a more rugged Mediterranean forest, with species of scrubland such as jarales and small holm oaks. In the middle section of this path, we see a granite landscape that looks like a human whim. It is easy to see deer and wild boar in the shade in the harsh summer heat, approaching the small streams where they quench their thirst.
The orography is incidental, finding cantuesales, thyme and marjoram, with some foot of sticky cistus and garbancillos, until arriving at the Jandula Reservoir where we will find a small shade of eucalyptus.

T16  Los Escoriales  Photos of the trail

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