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Route7  Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 17  Mirador del Rey

Route 7 Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha


Route 7

Route 7 Reservoir of Jandula-La Lancha

Trail 17 Mirador del Rey


LENGHTH 0,6 km



It is called Mirador del Rey (King´s viewpoint) because the dam was built in the time of Alfonso XIII.

From the Town of La Lancha, which was built for the construction of the Jandula dam, we took the dirt track to access the reservoir and reached its end. Here we find a small shaded area repopulated with eucalyptus trees in the undergrowth of the scrub.
There, and on the left bank of the reservoir, this path of short length begins. We must take the last section calmly, as it is a continuous and steep climb between scrubland.
At the end of our ascent we will be able to observe magnificent views of this environment and contemplate black vultures, since that is their habitat.
To emphasize the dam, project of the modernist architect Casto Fernandez Saw, and that has been recognized and included in the General Catalog of the Andalusian Historical Heritage.

T17  Mirador del Rey  Photos of the trail

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