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Route8  Marmolejo-Centenera

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 18  La Centenera

Route 8 Marmolejo-Centenera


Route 8

Route 8 Marmolejo-Centenera

Trail 18 La Centenera


LENGTH 6,7 km



It runs outside the Natural Park.

Passing the Renaissance bridge over the Guadalquivir, at the foot of which lies the Medicinal Waters Bath of Marmolejo, nowadays unused, we go to the Centenera by an unpaved road that runs parallel to the JV-5001 river.
We begin our journey in the Majadillas, where is the Viewpoint and Cristóbal Relaño recreational area. We start the climb to the Centenera and passing by the brook Bahondillo, which we will cross, we will find a lavender and marjoram, while the stream is completely covered with weeds and brambles, with some cane fields.
Continue the climb to the Centenera and, about 5 or 6 kilometers from the Spa, we find some slopes facing south, with steep slopes where there is a profuse scrub of rockrose, mastic, etc. At this altitude you can see a wonderful view of the Guadalquivir valley, with its extensive olive trees. We will finish our tour in what is left of the Hermitage of St. Joshep.

T18  La Centenera  Photos of the trail

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