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Andujar Gastronomy

Andujar Gastronomy


In the gastronomy of Andujar everything revolves around extra virgin olive oil, and the great variety of typical products of the earth.

The typical dish is the mount meat, a stew of deer in marinade and in general the game meats: boar, rabbit, partridge..., seasoned with spices from its saw (paprika, saffron, ground garlic, laurel, pepper, coarse salt, oregano), and washed down with the unmistakable taste of its extraordinary olive oil. A pickled partridge or with beans can follow a scrambled asparagus wild or a long series of dishes made with the products of the garden.

Naturally, desserts are also lavished among which include the porridge, typical dish of the picnic on the day of all the saints, the dogs and pestiños.

We can not forget some native examples such as the flamenquín, originally from Andújar (although its popularity has spread enormously to Cordoba) and more specifically from the now defunct Madrid-Seville restaurant. Manuel Gavilan, invented the flamenquines after the war, by the year 1941. When he saw his rapid diffusion he wanted to register them as his inventor but he could not.

Other typical dishes that can be tasted in this locality are migas, salmorejo, ajoblanco, alboronía (a kind of ratatouille, made with aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, onion, pea, zucchini, etc.), asparagus in sauce, and the "aliñás" (dressed) olives from Andujar.

In the autumn months, the collection of chanterelles is made, with which tasty dishes are prepared.

Gastronomic Days


There is no doubt that the people of Andujar have a great fondness for good food, mainly due to the large number of restaurants and gastronomic activities in the city, without forgetting the quality of the products of the land. In Andújar and its mountains gastronomy has been linked from its origin to the gathering, hunting and livestock activities carried out in its mountains and in its fields. Well, joining this love of good cuisine with the high quality of raw materials, arise more than 20 years ago the Gastronomic Days of Andujar, in which the restorers have collaborated to preserve and recover old recipes and give them new airs, revaluing dishes of humble origin but with great culinary values. These days consist of the offer of a special menu by several restaurants, which at an affordable price makes it possible to taste the gastronomic essences more characteristic of our area.

The main objective of the Gastronomic Days, is, like that of the Tapa Route, to spread the local gastronomy and the products of the land; tradition and quality with natural and healthy products, and with a single additive: the Andujar appellation of origin.

Some menus that, although they offer diversity tailored to any palate, try to draw inspiration from the singularities of local gastronomy, linked to hunting - with the presence of bush meat, deer or wild boar - and the vegetables that are cultivated in the Vega. The aromatic herbs of the sierra season some dishes that do not forget honey or the extra virgin olive oil of the earth.

The Gastronomic Days usually take place during the month of November, to promote the hospitality sector of the city and attract public just before Christmas. It is surprising that each year the number of participating establishments is greater, offering a varied offer of dishes based on quality products with an excellent price. All residents and visitors of Andújar who decide to come during this month, will find unbeatable menus at a price that is below the market price, which is intended as a nod of the hoteliers to the consumer to encourage them to go out to eat and go out for dinner.

Jornadas Gastronómicas
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