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Cercado del Cipres Forest Park

What to visit to mountain range of Andujar Natural Park


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Cercado del Cipres


Located to the east of the city of Andujar, in the Rubiales trail, surrounded by lofty cypresses, the forest park "Cercado del Cipres" appears. Area of ​​visits, walks, snacks, and sports-leisure activities for the locals, and where we can find a representation of all the ecosystems of the Mediterranean Forest.


Within the Cercado del Cipres environmental park, there is an information point that offers inside orientation for the visit of the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park.

The user, in addition to personalized information, will find in the equipment a complete exhibition that will allow you to delve into the natural wealth that hides this natural space. The information point also has around you areas of interest to walk around and get to know the flora of the natural park on site.

The Cercado del Cipres environmental park has an area of ​​11 hectares in which there is an artificial lake and a stream. In this enclosure the ecosystems of the Mediterranean forest and the typical ribera vegetation are represented. It also has different recreational areas such as: a bike path, an aviary, rustic huts, wooden kiosks, viewpoints, pedestrian paths.

The Cercado del Cipres also appears on this same website as peri-urban trail 22 of route 9, in the Routes of the Natural Park section.

Forestry Park Cercado del Ciprés
Camino de los Rubiales s/n
Natural Park Office
953 103 300
660 974 012

Next to the Cercado del Ciprés
Honey Interpretation Center


The Honey Interpretation Center is located on the path of Los Rubiales, next to the Cercado del Cipres. 

Andujar is a city historically linked to the apicultural sector, this being one of the many reasons why it has become a relevant destination for ecotourism. With an approximate production of 240,000 kilos of honey per season, Andujar is located in the second municipality of Andalusia in production. In addition, we must highlight the quality of our product, highlighting the variety of honey of flowers, one of the most appreciated internationally due to its wide and unique diversity, thus reflecting the biodiversity of the Sierra de Andujar Natural Park.

In this space of about 400 square meters that tries to imitate the cell structure of a hive, you can enjoy its three didactic rooms: the exhibition room, which explains the biology and anatomy of the bee, the extraction process of the products of the hive and the evolution of beekeeping throughout history; the Audiovisual Projection room and the Workshop room and Object Handling, which allows the knowledge of apparel and utensils of beekeepers, the tasting of honey from our town, as well as the enjoyment of related interactive games with the world of the bee prepared for children.

Honey Interpretation Center
Camino de los Rubiales s/n (near Cercado del Cipres)
Telephone number: 953 50 82 00. Ext. 1088 (By appointment)
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