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What to visit in mountain range of Andujar Natural Park


Natural Park


What to visit

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park
To observe animals


Within ecotourism, the observation of the unique flora and fauna of our park and the photographic safaris are some of the disciplines that propose an intimate contact between nature and tourists, at the same time that they have a remarkable educational and awareness-raising power about the environmental problems.

The flora and fauna of Andujar and our park, the natural environment and the different ecosystems that coexist in it have a remarkable environmental, cultural and tourist entity. This circumstance entails that numerous companies include in their program of activities and in their catalog of tourist products sightings of flora and fauna, interpretation of nature and the environment, hiking and routes, or experiences such as the bellowing of the deer.

The two main measures carried out for the protection and maintenance of this activity are:

  • Decent and respectful treatment of wildlife specimens.

  • Avoid as much as possible the alterations of the feeding habits, reproduction and transit of the wild fauna.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is a species within the genus of flora and fauna observation.

The activity gains followers day after day, many of which make trips within their country or abroad to cultivate it, finding in our geography a wide range of possibilities to develop.

The Bird Watching basically consists of carrying binoculars, a field guide where you can find the fundamental characteristics of the birds that can potentially be found in the area to visit and a field notebook where you can capture all the vicissitudes, and try to identify many birds as possible.

The Sierra of Andújar is home of 178 species of different birds, some of them of great importance, such as the Iberian imperial eagle and other great raptors, such as the golden eagle and the black vulture.

Photographic safaris

Photographic safaris or photo safaris consist of adding to the observation of the animal and plant species of a specific place the photograph or the video of the same, applying for it several of the techniques of sport hunting, hence also baptized as "photographic hunting". It also includes the recording of sounds of the natural environment, such as the sound of streams or wind.

Green tourism

Nature guides

Iberian LynxLand

Nature guides

Photographic safaris
Companies and local associations:


Andújar photographic association

Observe animals
The bellowing


In September, when the air begins to cool and the first rains appear, the deer, the undisputed king of the Mediterranean forest, prepares one more year to compete in a fight without quarter, but also without blood, for the favor of the females.


This is the only time of the year when the big males are visible at all hours of the day, they lower their guard against hunters and show themselves with all their splendor. The hormones make them less cautious and we take advantage of it to immortalize these impressive deer with their imposing ropes.

Females that during the day graze quietly and that go grouping hoping that the night departe the champions of those combats between great males that fight with their horns until they overcome the opponent.

The large hunting farms of the mountain range of Andujar allow us to see and photograph, even through fences, these phenomenal specimens.

The bellowing of Parque Natural  Gallery 

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