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What to visit in Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park


Natural Park


What to visit

Parajes singulares
Cerro del Cabezo


The Cerro del Cabezo is undoubtedly one of the best known places in the entire Natural Park of Sierra de Andujar, since at its top is the Royal Basilica Sanctuary Virgen de la Cabeza, 686 m above sea level; around which the populous pilgrimage is celebrated every year in honor of the head of said temple, which is considered the oldest in the country and which thousands of pilgrims from all over the national geography attend.

The primitive Sanctuary was built between 1287 and 1304. That building would be replaced by the one designed by Francisco del Castillo, el Mozo, in the 16th century, in which architects such as his brother Benito and Bernabé de Lorca intervened. That temple would be destroyed in the civil war and rebuilt years later by the Directorate General of Devastated Regions. Do not forget that in this place there was one of the most outstanding episodes of the Civil War, the siege of the Sanctuary of Santa María de la Cabeza.

From here one of the best panoramic views of Sierra Morena is contemplated, with its allominated landscapes covered with Mediterranean vegetation. To the north, Sierra Quintana and Sierra Madrona can be seen; towards the West, part of the Batolito de los Pedroches; and to the south, the Jandula valley.

Cerro del Cabezo  Photo of the place

Cerro del Cabezo  ¿Where and how?

Unique places
Recreational area "El Jabalí"


Located on the left bank of the A-6177 road, Andujar-Virgen de la Cabeza Sanctuary, km 27,700.


It has an abundant vegetation of holm oaks surrounded by pine trees. Perfectly equipped to celebrate a family picnic, with tables, benches, barbecues, containers and even a fountain.

Its name is given by the stone sculpture of the wild boar that presides over the space, the work of local artist Luis Aldehuela.

Recreation area El Jabalí  ¿Where and how?

Unique places
The "Talking Stone"


In the ravine of Valdeinfierno is the "Talking Stone". It is a large granitic rock in which a message of encouragement for pilgrims is engraved and invites you to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. This unique monument was paid for by a Minister of Public Instruction during the reign of Alfonso XIII called José del Prado y Palacio, Marquis del Rincón de San Idelfonso, who in 1923 composed the inscribed verses:

"Stop, walkers, this stone speaks to you ...!

Sierra de Andújar is glory of the mountains,

Enchanted Breñal from Sierra Morena ...

Divine effluviums, the soul penetrates,

looking at that summit of the Virgin Queen,

that a rock temple wanted to do in it.

The jara is its incense; altars, ridges,

and lamps all his stars ...

That's why traveler who arrives at this site,

no matter how far the soul goes, leave here. "

WTA Piedraquehabla.jpg
Parajes singulares
Mountains “New Place” and “Selladores-Contadero”


The mountains “New Place” and “Selladores-Contadero” (9233.55 ha and 10455.89 ha respectively) are two state farms considered as protocol farms for the purposes that the Head of State and other high institutions of the Nation consider opportune, as well as for the conservation of the rich fauna and flora that they house. The first is located south of the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park while "Selladores-Contadero" is located northeast of it; being both places traveled by the Jandula river.

Among the plant formations that can be found in these mountains, the masses of pine and black pine from repopulation, holm oak, mixed oak formations, cork oaks, quejigos, etc .; holm oaks, thickets, grasslands and riverside forest. Also highlight a small melojo oak grove north of "Selladores-Contadero".

Among the fauna, highlight species such as the Iberian lynx, the wolf, the imperial eagle or the black vulture. Mention also the rich hunting fauna (mainly deer and wild boar) that have made these two farms famous in the sector.

WTA Condadero Selladores.jpg
Mountains Contadero y Selladores.
WTA Lugar Nuevo Monte Junta.jpg
Mountain  Lugar Nuevo. Junta de Andalucía
Unique places
Viewpoint of the "Pilgrim's Monument"


It is located halfway to the "Camino Viejo" Trail (Andujar-Sanctuary), on the estate of the State of the "New Place", about 11 km from Andujar.

The viewpoint is located in the place called "El Balconcillo" and in it is the Pilgrim Monument. From this place you can see for the first time on the road the Minor Basilica of the Virgen de la Cabeza. This place offers magnificent views, where we can observe a vulture or golden eagle flying over the sky; as well as some deer or fallow deer that abound in these places.

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