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Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

The mountain range of Andujar Natural Park is an ideal enclave for the practice of activities with low environmental impact such as hiking or mountain biking.
It has itineraries that show the landscape and fauna splendor of one of the best preserved Mediterranean forests of the peninsula.



Route1 Old Path to the Sanctuary or Pilgrim Trail

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

Trail of this route

TRAILThe Old Path

Access from Andújar. It starts at the Road of San Amancio, which links directly with the popularly known Old Road to the Sanctuary or Horseshoe Path.
The route has two intermediate points of interest:
  1. Points of interest

  2. Panoramic views of the Comarca de la Campiña

  3. Rest area San Ginés

  4. Refuge of pilgrims and panoramic views

  5. Viewpoint and Monument to the Pilgrim

  6. National Hunting Reserve Lugar Nuevo

  7. Jándula River

  8. Roman road sections

  9. Sanctuary, Viewpoint and Marian Museum of the Virgen de la Cabeza

R1  Gallery 

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