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Route5  Route of the Brave Bull

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 10  Los Cuatro Términos

Route 5 Route of the Brave Bull


Route 5

Route 5 Of the Brave Bull

TRAIL 10 Los Cuatro Terminos





The path leads to a hill where four municipal boundaries coincide: Andújar, Villanueva de la Reina, Baños de la Encina (from the province of Jaén) and Mestanza (from Ciudad Real).

It is a mountaineering route that crosses very little-traveled landscapes, covered with interesting natural vegetation.
We start the march climbing for about 350 m along a path between rockrose, until we reach a firebreak through which we will ascend 150 meters more.
We will then arrive at the base of a canchal. Here we find a hollow forest, made up of holm oaks, cork oaks, gall oaks and strawberry trees that grow among the loose rocks. Soon we will go to an enebral installed on quartzites. A few meters from here we arrive at the Collado de Selladores.
We will then proceed along a forest track for about two and a half kilometers. In the first part of this section we will cross a dense shade of oaks and gall oaks. We can even see a melojo oak grove (Q.pyneraica) that grows on the Selladores hill at a higher altitude than the quejigos. Later we will cross a jaral, a cork oak plantation and a pasture, before reaching the base of the prop. Finally we will ascend through a path between rockrose and cork oaks, at the foot of the peak of the Puntal de los Cuatro Términos. From this point the view is impressive: towards the South, beyond the pine forests of Selladores Mount.

Contadero extends the mountains and meadows of the Natural Park. In the distance we can see the Jandula reservoir and even The Sanctuary. To the East we reach to see the town of Centenillo (Baños de la Encina) and Carolina and to the North, beyond the provincial divide, is Sierra Madrona.

T10  Los Cuatro Terminos  Photos of the trail

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