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Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

The Sierra de Andujar Natural Park is an ideal enclave for the practice of activities with low environmental impact such as hiking or mountain biking. It has itineraries that show the landscape and fauna splendor of one of the best preserved Mediterranean forests of the peninsula.



Route5  Route of Brave Bull

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

This route connects us with the northwest of the park, where the national hunting preserve Contadero-Selladores is located.
Much of it goes by unpaved road, with a length of 86 km (7 one way to the Centenillo).
It can be done in 4x4 (including tourism) or mountain bike.

Points of interest:
  1. Viñas de Peñallanas

  2. Escoriales, area with cattle ranches

  3. National hunting preserve Contadero-Selladores

  4. Centenillo

  5. Old mining town- La Carolina

  6. Los Alarcornes Viewpoint.

  7. Los Pastores Viewpoint.

  8. La Aliseda recreational area.

From the Viñas de Peñallana, we will take the A-6100 district, which is located at km 15,200 of the A-6177 (access to the Park) until we reach Contadero-Selladores.
We begin by observing pine forests to which a dense thicket of mastic, kermes oaks and cistus grows that gives coverage to such interesting mammals with the wild cat, the melocillo or the lynx.
There are groups of griffon vultures and black vultures, which take advantage of the thermals in this area. After the houses that we find in this route, and as we descend towards the area known as Black Water, we see a forest of cork oaks.
We arrived at the mining area of ​​the Escoriales, and then to the Alarcones, with large meadows where the fighting bull is raised, in prestigious breeding farms, crossing excellent spots to Contadero-Selladores, with areas of repopulation of pines interspersed with cork oak and strawberry trees. Crossing the stream of the Esparragones, we will see an open ash grove, alternating with tamujos and from here to the town of Centenillo, in the heart of the mountain range.

R2  Gallery Points of the interest

Trails of the route

GeoTRAIL 10 

Los Cuatro Terminos


Cerrillo del Plomo


Pozo Nuevo

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