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Route5  Route of the Brave Bull

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 11  Cerrillo del Plomo

Route 5 Route of the Brave Bull


Route 5

Route 5 Route of the Brave Bull

Trail 11 Cerrillo del Plomo


LENGTH 1,1 km



Caution not to leave the signposted path, as there is a risk of falling into an old well.

This trail allows you to enjoy the typical vegetation of Sierra Morena, and some vestiges of the mining history that shaped the landscape of these mountains.

After leaving the town of El Centenillo, we descend through a firewall and reach the Higueras Ravine, with terraces that were used as gardens by the miners.

We descend by a road, possibly of Roman origin, and cross a stream to reach the beginning of Cerrillo del Plomo, where there are remains of a Roman mining town.

At the end of the trail we find a panel with panoramic views of 'El Puntal'. If we advance further we reach the place known as 'The Bomb', where we will meet the Grande River.

T11  Cerrillo del Plomo  Photos of the trail

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