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Route9  Peri-urban trails

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 19  La Ropera

Route 9 Peri-urban trails


Route 9

Route 9 Peri-urban trails

Trails 19 La Ropera


LENGTH 2,17 km



In this placid path we can observe a great amount of birdlife, which usually stays here on winters.

Easy access, we find the first indication of this path when entering the town of La Ropera, which is located about 4 kilometers from Andújar. Although it does not take place inside the Park, it is of great interest, since in the park we will observe a great quantity of birds.

This humid zone, around the Jandula river, contributes to that numerous aquatic birds rest during the migrations, or remain in it during the winter. You can see several species of ducks, among which the Mallard, the spoon duck, the Common Pochard, the Tufted Duck, the gadwall and the Common Teal, among others.
We will arrive to the zone known popularly as the Z.U.A., where we will find some locals fishing species like the Gypsy Barb, the common Boga, the Bogardilla (native species), the Black bass and the carp.
The bridge of ten eyes, where the trail ends, has also been a historic step of transhumant cattle between Sierra Morena and the valley.

T19  La Ropera  Photos of the trail

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