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Route9  Peri-urban trails

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 23  Andujar-Zumacares

Route 9 Peri-urban trails


Route 9

Route 9 Peri-urban trails

Trail 23 Andujar-Zumacares

DIFFICULTY Medium-high

LENGTH 17 km



It communicates with path 2 of route 2.

It is accessed from the East entrance of Andujar, taking the service road that passes in front of the Alto Guadalquivir Hospital, and connecting with the JV-5012 or the Parrilla.

Crops of olive trees interspersed with pine groves and traditional farmhouses.

This route can be done by mountain bike, 4x4 or walking.
We can find two types of terrain: forest track and abrupt terrain.
On this trail or route there is no drinking water point and it is all ascending, ending at the House of Zumacares, where you will find the possibility to return by the A-6177 or main road of the Park.

T23  Andujar-Zumacares  Photos of the trail

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