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Brotherhood of Nazarenes of Our Father Jesus of Great Power and Mary Most Holy of Help

The Great Power

Holy Thursday


Easter Week

The Pass


Our Father Jesus of the Great Power

It is the work of the Sevillian image maker Antonio Illanes. It represents a Passionist moment of his way to Calvary with the cross lying down, for which the image is walking with great pain and recollection, with his arms holding the wood of the cross. The face reflects a strong expression of pathos for the moment it reflects, obtaining a quite successful result. Beautiful representation by this important image maker. Its approximate height is 1.80 m, being a polychrome wooden dress sculpture.

The pass fits 35 costaleros brothers, the group consisting of 70 costaleros.


Parish of St. Michael the Archangel


It made his first penance season in 1953. It stopped doing it in 1972 and returned, after eighteen years, uninterrupted until today; under the motto In your hands is power and empire.

At present it is in the process of recovering the old invocation of the Virgen del Socorro.


Tunic of tail extended in black color and mask of the same color with the shield of the Brotherhood embroidered in gold thread, wide esparto belt, black socks, black shoes with esparto sole and medal of the Brotherhood. Dark colored candles.


9:00 p.m. from the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel. Return to the Temple about 1:30 a.m.


España square, Constitución square, Post Arch, España square, San Miguel, Valdivia, Maestras, Altozano Virgen María, 22 de Julio, Ollerías, San Francisco, Vieja square, Isidoro Miñón, Serpiente, Carmen, Santa María square, Altozano Serrano Plato, Alférez Moreno, Maestras, Comedias y Postigos, España square.

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