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Holy Week
Andújar cofrade



Poster Easter Week 2019

Holy Week


It is considered the main week of our town, being celebrated with great devotion and piety since antiquity. It highlights the great artistic and cultural value of the statues of the different brotherhoods and fraternities that carry out their processions through the traditional streets.

Since the seventies, the costaleros, people who carry the different statues of each brotherhood, help increase its great beauty and popular devotion.

Easter in Andújar begins on Palm Sunday with the brotherhood of La Borriquita. Throughout the week the processional outings continue, reaching on Holy Thursday the maximum splendor with the statue of Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder, and ending Good Friday with the statue of Nuestra Señora la Santísima Virgen en su Soledad.

Friday of Sorrows  Vía-Crucis La Columna

Palm Sunday  La Borriquita  l  La Veracruz

Holy Tuesday  Vía-Crucis La Esperanza

Holy Wednesday   El Huerto l  La Paciencia

Holy Thursday  El Buen Remedio  l  La Esperanza  l  El Gran Poder

Good Friday   El Señor de los Señores l  Las Angustias  l  Los Estudiantes  l  El Santo Sepulcro  l  La Soledad

Easter Sunday  El Resucitado

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