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Brotherhood of Our Lady of Hope, Blessed Christ

of Providence and Our Father Fallen Jesus

The Hope

Holy Thursday


Easter Week

2 Passes


Nuestro Padre Jesus Caido

The image of Nuestro Padre Jesus Caido is the work of the imaginary Federico Coullaut-Valera and dates from the 40s of the last century. Restored in 2001 by Sergio Alvarado and Francisco Jurado and in 2004 by José Luis Ojeda.

The Pass is carried by a crew of 40 sisters costaleras.

Our Lady of Hope

The image of Our Lady of Hope is a carving that dates from the year 1946. It has been possible to confirm its origin from the Valencian school, but its authorship is not documented. However, various sources attribute it to the image maker José Garcés. It was restored in 1998 by José Luis Ojeda.

Procession in pass of pallium, in whose ceiling the Glory is located, work of Pedro Palenciano and that represents the Assumption of María Santísima, holder of the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. The pass of pallium fits 30 brothers costaleros.

LA ESPERANZA 2016 (23:36)

Video de Andújar Televisión


Parish Church of Old St. Mary.


The Guild is founded, on the initiative of the members of the Bullfighting Crew of our town, around the dedication of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza on February 17, 1946 in the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. In the year 1958 the size of Holy Christ of Providence, thus fulfilling the desire of the Brotherhood to translate for our Easter the historic devotion of the people of Andújar towards the crucified of Alhóndiga Street. And already in 1971, there was a merger with the Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Caído, former squadron of the Dolores del Convento del Carmen that was founded in 1718 and reorganized in 1947.


White tunic and cape of the same color with the shield of the Brotherhood, and mask of velvet, cingulum and green buttoning, in addition to white sock and black footwear.


9:45 p.m. from the south door of the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. Return to the Temple about 1:30 a.m.


Parish Church of Old St. Mary (south gate), Altozano Maestro Serrano Plato, Santa María square, Pintor Zabaleta, Altozano del Carmen, Guadalupe, Constitución square, Post Arch, España square (Tribune), San Miguel accesoria, Valdivias, Maestras, Altozano Virgen María, 22 de Julio, Ollerías, 12 de Agosto avenue, Serpiente, Carmen, Santa María square, Altozano Maestro Serrano Plato y Parish Church of Old St. Mary (South gate).

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