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Brotherhood of the Risen Christ

The Risen One

Easter Sunday


Easter Week

The Pass

Resurrected Christ

Work of the iliturgitano sculptor Manuel Lopez Perez of 2006. It is a great carving of cedar wood, with 1.90 meters of height, stewed in gold and tempera with polychrome skin in oil. The image represents the vigorous figure of Christ, winner of death, with a beautiful shroud that gives the impression of being waved by the wind. Christ is blessing with his right hand and holding a staff in his left hand. On his side and in his hands appear the marks of the sores of passion.

The pass is carried by gangs of costaleros brothers and sisters.


Parish of San Eufrasio.


Founded in 2004. The first processional exit was made in 2006. After the approval by the bishopric of Jaén of the statutes of September 4, 2007 this parish group ceases to be and this Guild os Cristo Resucitado is erected in the parish of San Eufrasio, of Andújar in whose temple it has the canonical seat.


The Nazarenes wear tunic of broken white color, with buttons, cincture and cap of old gold color. The procession is also accompanied by a body of gentlemen in a dark suit and body of mantillas dressed in the classic Spanish blanket of white or black and light colored dress.

DEPARTURE Easter Sunday

At 10:00 a.m. Return to the Temple about 2:45 p.m.


Departure from the parish of San Eufrasio, Emperador Trajano, Larga, Los Civiles, Juego de Pelotas, Ollerías, Doce de Agosto, Serpiente, Carmen, Santa María square, La Feria, España square, Constitución square, Ollerías, Monjas, Arroyo, Emperador Adriano and la Palma.

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