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Brotherhood of the Loneliness and Burial of Christ and Very Ancient and Venerable Brotherhood of the Transfixion and Solitude of Mary Most Holy of Victory

The Loneliness

Holy Friday


Easter Week

The Pass


Mary Most Holy of Victory at the foot of the Cross

Work by Francisco Palma Burgos, made in Úbeda in 1950 and happily restored in 2007 by Francisco Romero Zafra, a Cordovan image maker. Presents the head slightly tilted to the left and hands clasped together. It wears the skirt and the mantle of processional output of great artistic value made in the fifties and restored by the Cordovan Antonio Moreno Moreno. Procession on a wooden pass with goldsmith finishing designed by Pedro Palenciano Olivares from Andújar, which is presented this year in its second phase. It is taken by a group of Costaleros Brothers.


Old Parish Church of St. Bartholomew.


Founded as Guild on June 9, 1554 in the Monastery of the Victims of the Order of San Francisco de Paula, although before it already worked as a Congregation, since the devotion to Mary Most Holy of Victory exists since 1495.


The habit of the penitent Brothers is of color ivory with black buttons and with cuffs of black lace with edge of velvet of the same color, at the level of the waist it has a wide belt of black velvet from which hangs the medal of the Brotherhood. The Nazarenes's hood is in black velvet edged by an ivory-colored cord, this one bearing the coat of arms of the Brotherhood. Socks and black shoes and white gloves. They are accompanied by a Mantilla Crew.


At 9:30 p.m. from the Chapel of Exit made at the north door of the Old Parish Church of St. Bartholomew. Return to the Temple on 1:55 a.m.


Villegas, Colladas, Jesús María, Calancha, Vieja square, Isidoro Miñón, 12 de Agosto avenue, Serpiente, José María González, España square, San Miguel accesoria, Valdivia, Maestras, Altozano Virgen María, Hoyo, Constitución square, Ollerías, 12 de Agosto avenue, Isidoro Miñón, Del Castillo square, Vieja square, Vendederas, Villegas.

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