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Guild of Our Lady of Hope, Blessed Christ of Providence and Our Father Jesus Fallen.
Solemn Vía-Crucis Penitencial of the Blessed Christ of Providence

Vía-Crucis of the Hope

Saint Tuesday


Easter Week

One Pass


Holy Christ of Providence

The image of the Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia is the work of the artist Efraín Gómez and dates back to 1958. It was restored by José Luis Ojeda in 2003. Procession in wood pass in mahogany color, made in our city by Antonio Rodríguez Mefre in the Forties Illuminated by four windshield candelabra, the work of the same carver and decorated with two jewelery jugs from the Orovio de la Torre workshops. It is carried by 12 costaleros brothers.


Parish Church of Old St. Mary.


The Brotherhood is founded, on the initiative of the members of the Bullfighting Crew of our town, around the dedication of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza on February 17, 1946 in the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. In the year 1958 the size of Santísimo Cristo de la Providencia, thus fulfilling the desire of the Brotherhood to translate for our Easter the historic devotion of the people of Andújar towards the crucified of Alhóndiga Street. And already in 1971, there was a merger with the Guild of Nuestro Padre Jesús Caído, former squadron of the one of the Dolores del Convento del Carmen that was founded in 1718 and reorganized in 1947


The members of the procession will wear dark suits and carry white candles.

DEPARTURE (Holy Tuesday)

At 9:00 p.m. from the south door of the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. Return to the Temple about 10:30 p.m.


Parish Church of Old St. Mary (1st station: South Gate), Altozano Maestro Serrano Plato, Santa María Square (2nd station: Clocktower), Alhóndiga (3rd station: Hornacina del Cristo de la Providencia), Mosque (4th station: Gate of the ancient Temple of Santa Marina), Altozano de Santa Marina (5th station), María Granados, Fernando Quero (6th station), Altozano del Convento (7th station: Old Church of Santiago Gate), Altozano de Santiago (8th station: Compostela street), Altozano de Santa Ana (9th station: Cárdenas Palace, Old Chapel of Santa Ana), Alférez Moreno (10th station), Postigos (11th station), Feria (12th station), Altozano Maestro Serrano Plato (13th station) Parish Church of Old St. Mary (14th station: interior of the Temple).

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