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Riding on horseback of the pilgrimage crews [January 5]


These are Days of Coexistence in which a pilgrimage on horseback is made to the Shrine of the Virgen de la Cabeza, which brings together hundreds of horse riders who, with their horses and mules, run along the "Old Road" through the Natural Park until you reach the Sanctuary. Along the way, you will pass through traditional places such as Los Cerrillos, Cuesta del Reventón, San Ginés, El Gallo Stream (where the Romeros are baptized), Monument to the pilgrim, Cuesta del Madroño and Lugar Nuevo, following the escarpments Caracolillos and The Pinares until finishing already in the Cabezo Hill, where the Sanctuary is located. These days, which are true "Little pilgrimages", are carried out by different groups of pilgrims during the year:

La garrocha: Third weekend of March.

Matriz Brotherhood, Little Pilgrimage:  Saturday and Sunday of the third week after the Pilgrimage.

El Caballo: Last weekend of May.

Los Romeros: First Saturday of October.

Andujar Flamenca [marzo]


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Meeting of historical vehicles  [march]


It is a meeting that has become, on its own merits, a classic within the national circuit. An obligatory days in the circuit of encounters and routes on roads directed to vintage cars. The meeting takes place in the city of Andújar and its surroundings and, of course, in the Natural Park "Sierra de Andújar" with that serene beauty that makes the meeting have its own personality. It is a privilege to be able to contemplate the different models, styles, brands known worldwide as Bugatti, Chalmers, Ford, Fiat, etc, and to be able to admire all their details.

A concentration of historic vehicles is also usually held in September.

Vehículos históricos
Ironworks and forging contest [april]

It is a contest where farriers from all over Spain come together to show their skills in this specialty, competing in different modalities: new, professional and experienced. You can check, in situ, how they are manufactured by hand and in a short time, horseshoes of iron plates with a high perfection and adapted to the specific needs of each equid.

International Athletics Meeting in Jaen Paraiso Interior[ junio]
Memorial Francisco Ramón Higueras


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Anducab y Cattle fair [septembre]


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Beekeeping Fair of Andalusia [october]


Organized by the Association of Beekeepers of Jaén, with the collaboration of the Local Development Delegation of the Andújar City Council, it is held for three days in the fair hall. There are present companies of machinery and tooling, institutional stands of Administrations and, of diverse products like creams of beauty, honey, wax, royal jelly, sweets, etc. There are also talks by experts in beekeeping. Andújar and its region are a space that collects and packages a large quantity of varied honey.

Medieval market [november]


It is about that in a few days Andujar moves to the medieval era with its already traditional Medieval Market, of great playful and cultural interest. Banners and pennants will be part of the typical decoration that will decorate and color the center of the city. It will be full of craft products and typical cuisine from different regions, with circus performances, funny characters, acrobats and demonstrations of falconry. Merchants and traders offer accessories of costume jewelery, leather, decorative elements, toys, natural products, spices, aromatic herbs, traditional gastronomic products, bread, sweets, cheeses, sausages... and there will be no lack of medieval taverns for the delight of any palate willing to try rich delicacies, as well as a fun area for the little ones.

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