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Guild of the Dolores del Carmen and Venerable and Illustrious Brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Paciencia, Nuestro Señor de la Paz en su Entrada Triunfal en Jerusalén, María Santísima del Rosario en sus Misterios Dolorosos y Nuestra Señora del Carmen.

La Borriquita

Palm Sunday


Easter Week



Our Lord of Peace at his Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Image carved by the imager Jaime Babio Núñez of Seville in 2002, represents Jesus of Peace making his entrance in Jerusalem mounted on a little borriquita. He is accompanied by the apostles San Pedro and Santiago who presents Jesus to his people, a Hebrew girl and a Hebrew boy taking the reins of the little borriquita.

Mixed gang of Costaleros brothers lead the way.

LA BORRIQUITA 2016 (25:26)

Video de Andújar Televisión


Parish Church of Old St. Mary.


1718, in the convent of Carmen that was in the street of the same name. After the confiscation of the mid-nineteenth century passes to the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. At the end of the civil war is re-founded by the Count of the Quintería in the year 1940.


The Nazarenes wear a beige tunic with a light blue buttonhole and a blue and white cingulate, a light blue wreath with the coat of arms of the Brotherhood. And the Hebrews wear a beige tunic with a light blue buttonhole and a blue and white cingulate, a striped mohawk with a blue and white lace and an exposed face.

Mixed group of brothers costaleros carry the pass.


11:15 a.m. from the door of San Pedro of the Parish Church of Old St. Mary. Return to the Temple around 2:45 p.m.


Altozano Serrano Plato, Santa María square, Pintor Zabaleta, Altozano del Carmen, Guadalupe, Constitución square, Post Arch, España square, Official Tribune, San Miguel accesoria, Valdivia, Maestra, Altozano Virgen María, Sol square, 22 de Julio, Ollerías, San Francisco, Del Castillo square, Isidoro Miñón, Serpiente, Carmen, Santa María square, Altozano Serrano Plato y entry to the temple.

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