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Horse Riding

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Taking as a starting point the deep-rooted equestrian tradition existing in the region of Andujar and taking into account the number of copies that exist in the town, numerous leisure activities have emerged within the framework of the socio-cultural animation of the municipality. The most representative recreational activities based on the horse's world are detailed below.

Horse Riding
Virgin of the Head routes


The world of the horse and the devotion professed to the Virgin of the Head go hand in hand. It is important to highlight the importance that the horse has in the celebrations of the Virgin and the celebration of the Pilgrimage, due to the close connection of the Sanctuary with Andujar and the meaning of the distance between both points, since before the construction of the roads the devotees traveled the paths of the mountains to see the Virgin, either walking or on the back of mules and horses. Hence, this animal claims its place in this celebration.

From this need arose different associations and groups related to the world of horses in Andujar, whose main objective was to promote and preserve the equestrian tradition. Also, these groups develop different activities related equally to the equestrian world.

The ascent to the Sanctuary takes place on Saturday of pilgrimage along the Camino Viejo or Herradura, while the carts do it along the forest tracks. Along the way there are meeting points on the different itineraries such as the hermitage of San Ginés and the bridge of the New Place occurs on Monday, coinciding in the previous points.

In addition to the different pilgrims that make their way to Cerro del Cabezo on the back of a horse or mule, it is worth noting the presence of private riders who do not belong to any association and / or club and who go up to the Sanctuary for the great existing devotion towards Our Lady of the Head.

For this reason, it is impossible to have exact figures of how many horses participate each year in the pilgrimage. It is estimated that the number ranges between 1,500 and 2,000, since, of course, it depends on the weather conditions.

In fact, we should not restrict the climb to the Hill in the Romeria (Pilgrimage) that is celebrated on the last Sunday of April, since throughout the year, the ascents to the Virgin are several, as in the case of the celebration of the Romeria Girl, the appearance and the climbs that organize the different clubs at a particular level.

Club El Caballo

This club makes its climb to the sanctuary on the last weekend of May. His pilgrimage to the sanctuary began 3 years ago, with an approximate number of 1000, 500 and 800 horses participating, between horses and mules consecutively. On some occasions, women mounted on jams and some hooks have also climbed.

Club Las Amazonas

The Club / Asociation Amazonas de Andujar went up to the sanctuary for the first time as a pilgrimage club in 2010. Since then they made their climb the first weekend of March. Although the number of participating horses varies each year mainly according to weather conditions, approximately 100 Amazons meet each year.

Club La Garrocha

This club makes its climb to the sanctuary on the third weekend of March. The number of riders participating in the climb is relative, mainly due to weather conditions. In addition to the members of the rock, many friends go up to the sanctuary accompanying this club. Generally about 200 riders participate each year.

Club El Enganche

2014 has been the first year in which this club has risen to the sanctuary, with an approximate number of 17 horse cars participating.

Club Caballista Romeros del Madroño

The Club de los Romeros del Madroño, which has the honor of being the first federated club and is Romero de Oro (Gold Pilgrim), makes its climb to the sanctuary the first weekend of October for more than 25 years. This climb is the most numerous in terms of the number of horses participating. Last year an approximate number of 1400 equines, including horses and mules participated in it.

Club Amigos del Caballo

This club began its ascent to the sanctuary in 2014. In addition to horse riders, different hooks and horse cars also participate. The date of climb of this club is variable, mainly due to the short time they have been making the climb and the availability of the natural park.

Club Al Galope

Club Al Galope makes his climb to the sanctuary on the last Saturday of September. Between 60 and 80 riders usually participate in it among partners and friends.

andujar caballos
Actividades a caballo
Muestras de Enganches


También dentro del marco del concurso Anducab, asimismo encuadrado en el contexto de la feria y fiestas en honor a San Eufrasio, tiene lugar cada año la muestra de enganches organizada por la Asociación Cultural de Enganches de Andújar. La muestra de enganches comienza sobre las 10.30 de la mañana y tras realizar un recorrido por las principales calles de Andújar finaliza en el Real de la feria.

andujar caballos
Horse Riding
Horse Tapes Race


Another of the equestrian activities that are contemplated on the occasion of the Fair and Festivities in Honor of San Eufrasio is the traditional ribbon race. It is celebrated on Brussels Avenue and awards are given to the top five winners. The trophies will be awarded to the winners by a majority of awarded ribbons.

In this race can not participate under 16 years and there can be no more than 25 participants. This equestrian activity is organized by the City Council through its Department of Local Promotion and Peña Los Romeros Virgen de la Cabeza "El Madroño".

Horse Riding
Horsemen and Amazon Contest


The event is held in the Jardines de Colón and has three prizes for the winners. This equestrian activity is organized by the Peña Los Romeros Virgen de la Cabeza "El Madroño" and is sponsored by the City Council of Andújar through the Department of Local Promotion and with the collaboration of the Brotherhood Matrix Virgen de la Cabeza which grants the Award for the most rosemary rider.


There are two categories, both adult and child and participants must be dressed in the respective Andalusian short suit, as well as present their horse properly dressed.

andujar caballos
Horse Riding
Cattle show


Framed in the context of Anducab and the fair in honor of St. Euphrasius, the traditional cattle fair is held every year in the city of Iliturgitana. In it, the typical “deals” take place, in which different cattle dealers sell and buy equine specimens.

Horse Riding
Equine therapy


Equine therapy or hippotherapy is an integral therapy used by physical or mental health professionals to promote the rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults at the neuromuscular, psychological, cognitive and social level through the horse as a therapeutic tool. Although this practice is not widespread in the city of Andujar, there is no doubt about the benefits it provides.

The only company that offers this service, along with many others related to the horse world (horse riding, hippotherapy, riding lessons, excursions, camps, equestrian farm farm ...) is La Alamedilla Equestrian Center:

Apicultura Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar

La Alamedilla

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Ctra. de los Villares, km. 3

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