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Andujar and horses

Porch of the Horse in Andalusia


There is no doubt that Andujar is a leader in the horse world. The 'jiennense' city has managed to locate itself in the center of the spanish horse sector, given the existence of numerous stud farms and stud farms, as well as the celebration each year of the traditional Morphological-functional contest Anducab, whose main objective is to promote the deep-rooted equestrian tradition and thus consolidate the sector as one of the main economic pillars of the city.


Andujar, has more than 30% of the registered equine hut in the province of Jaen: around 3.000 horses. The tradition and figures are justified by the pilgrimage on horseback to the Cerro del Cabezo, where the Basilica-Royal Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza is located, because we must bear in mind that not everyone can walk the path.

In addition to the pilgrimage to Cerro del Cabezo, the City of Andujar has a long tradition in the organization of equestrian events. In fact, in the years 1972, 1973 and 1974, contests of Doma Vaquera and Alta Escuela Española were held in the town within the official program of acts of the city for the Pilgrimage of the Virgen de la Cabeza.

During the 70s, the competitions held in the municipality were pioneers in many aspects participating in them riders of unquestionable professional and artistic category. Taking into account this past, in the year 2003, from the town hall the goal is to recover the importance of the world of the horse and place it in its rightful place in the city. The intention was that Andujar was really the Porch of the Horse in Andalusia.

Thus, in our recent history, since 2004, equestrian events of different categories have been held in the city, which have always received the applause and congratulations of the attendees, as well as the awarding of a special prize by the Andalusian Horse Racing Federation the organization of the Spanish championship of Doma Vaquera.


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