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Companies related to the horse

Andujar equestrian



An important economic sector


Given the deep-rooted equestrian tradition existing in the city of Andujar, numerous companies and groups have based their work in this sector. There is no doubt that the world of horses is an important economic sector in the city, an economic sector that employs many families, that is, it is a productive sector of the city.

Companies related to the horse
Saddlery and Equestrian Shops


Among the companies focused on the equestrian world we find the saddles and equestrian stores, whose main objective is to provide leather goods adapted to the demands of the clientele. Normally, the saddles focus on four main lines:


  • Articles in leather and leather for hunting and the world of hunting, also linked to the city of Iliturgitana: purses, benches, cananas, vests, helmet holders, weapons carriers ...

  • Articles in leather and leather for the horse, cowgirl dressage and other types of dressage, both for the rider and for the horse and its garrison: chairs, heads, bites, leggings, drawers, straps, spurs, carabiners, branches, boots, pants, reins, saddles, mantillas, helmets, lifeguards, bells, gloves, bowls, flycatchers ...

  • Custom shoe and footwear, both riding and daily use.

  • Leather and leather accessories related to dressage and leather goods in general.


However, equestrian stores not only offer leather goods, but also food and hygiene products for the horse, hardware, gift items, electric fences and clothing for the rider.

Apicultura Parque Natural Sierra de Andújar

Chica Aguayo


Juan Grande, 16

953 50 09 84

La Cabriola

Equestrian shop

Polígono La Estación, nave 4B

953 52 52 16

El Botijo

Equestrian shop

Autovía Andalucía, km 324

953 50 10 08

Companies related to the horse


The albardonería, related to the rigging of the cavalries, has been reduced to the manufacture of the atalajes used to adorn the mules and donkeys in the pilgrimage, because these animals have practically stopped being used. Pieces as peculiar as the jáquima, albarda, pretal chest, saddlebags, ataqueros, ataharre, cinch and jalma are handmade, although this trade has practically disappeared in the city.

Companies related to the horse
Vans for horses


Another of the major sectors related to the equestrian world is related to the transport of horses. In this way, several companies provide vehicles and vans to transport horses, combining their knowledge of the equestrian world with design and production to provide innovative, practical and aesthetic solutions to adapt them to transportation needs.


Vans fon horses

Autovía Andalucía, km 324

953 501 093 / 619 077 775

Companies related to the horse
Picaderos and Riding Centers


Andujar has a good number of riding schools for the breeding and taming of equine cattle. In addition, continuing with the commitment to the world of the horse, in 2011 the Andujar City Council inaugurated the Municipal Riding Center, after having carried out an important work of recovery and rehabilitation of ancient spaces. The president of the association Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Marcelle Parmentier attended the inauguration.

The facilities have a total of 20,000m2, in which a track for equestrian competitions and exhibitions of 2,550m2 has been built. It also houses the State Stallion Stop, belonging to the Armed Forces Horse Breeding Center, through the Ecija Caballar Breeding Center.

The building also has four naves (main nave, stallion ship, mare ship and food store). They include a training classroom, laboratory, changing rooms and a pit area for mares separated from the area of ​​qualified and unskilled stallions.

Companies related to the horse
Horse riding / Horse rental


Horse riding is an activity that perfectly combines the passion for animals and the taste for nature, since while you maintain direct contact with the horse you will be observing the wonders that nature shows you through the landscape. For this, equine specimens are rented by some private owners (Consult the tourist information centers).

Companies related to the horse
Livestock and / or stud farms for celebrations


In recent years the number of farms for celebrations such as weddings, baptisms, communions and meetings in general, which were previously used as livestock farms, have increased.

This is the case of Finca Yeguada Urquijo, which has a living room of more than 900m2 in addition to large garden areas and parking area. In this farm all kinds of celebrations take place with the possibility of hiring an equestrian show.

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