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Arch of Carlos III

Acquaintance as the Arch of Capuchins


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The arch of Capuchins was made in 1786, reign of Carlos III, by the architect don Manuel Salgado. Monumental door of neoclassical style, with three spans, the central half point and the lintel laterals. The coat of Carlos III and the one of the city decorate the lateral openings in the external side of the door and in the internal one, the one that watches to the sliding one of Capuchins, respective cartelas in which they are said:


Reigning the majesty of Mr. King

Don Carlos III and being first secretary

of State Mr. Count of Floridablanca

year of 1786


And corregidor of this my city

Mr. Pedro Pablo de Pereda

these works were made at a high

of the flow of own by the architect

Don Manuel Salgado


This monumental gate was on the Royal Pathway that linked Madrid with Cádiz. The section of Royal Pathway, which affected the Andújar area, was improved in 1786 by workers from the city, who were claimed for the execution of the works by the Post and Roads Administrator of Spain.


XVIII century





Corredera Capuchinos

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