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On July 25, 1898, the Andújar bullring was inaugurated. The poster announced four beautiful bulls of the livestock of D. Jacinto Trespalacios, which would face the sword Rafael Bejarano, El Torerito. The illustrated bullfighting weekly Sol y Sombra, left this note of that run: "Torerito, very well killing and struggling a lot all afternoon. He only fought the bullfight. The entrance, good. "A spectator of exception witnessed that celebration, El Lagartijo, who advised the presidency. Three more runs completed that inaugural poster.

The Bullring, with its neo-Arab facade, is part of a series of historicist buildings of Andalusian flavor that were made in the city in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, such as the now defunct Figueras house (1897, Caldereros street) and the Suarez house, corner Ollerias street.


Although the bullfighting pit arises fruit of the commitment of a handful of amateurs from Andujar, that were constituted in Society to defray by means of actions the expenses of construction, today is of private ownership.

Association of Friends of the Patrimony of Andujar


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Plaza del Dr. Martinez Llinares

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