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Route10  Long distance path: GR-48

Mountain range of Andujar Natural Park

TRAIL 26 (Etapa 19) Vineyard of Peñallana-Baños of Encina

Route 10 Long distance path: GR-48



Route 10 Long distance path: GR48

Trail 26 Vineyard P.-Baños of Encina

DIFFICULTY Medium-high

LENGTH 32 km



The Route of Great Travel GR-48 begins in Portugal and crosses all of Andalusia through the Sierra Morena (Portugal-Huelva-Sevilla-Cordoba-Jaen).

We will take the road to Los Escoriales, by the JV-5001, to enter the extensive Fiscalejo cinegetic estate. The traveler can admire a vast landscape where the cattle pasture predominates for the breeding of fighting bulls. The path of the Gorgogil will allow us to discover the spring of the same name.
Already in the municipality of Baños de la Encina you pass by the Del Rumblar Reservoir, a paradise for fishing enthusiasts, and from this place to Baños de la Encina, which will welcome us with the spectacular silhouette of its Burgalimar castle, ordered to build in the year 968.

T26  Vineyard of Peñallana-Baños of Encina  Fotografías del sendero

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